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Taco Ilokano

Taco Ilocano is a staple merienda dish up in the northern part of our country.  This is after all the point of having a delectable little pocket of orange warmth in your hands: fast food eating but with the flair and richness that only we Pinoys can dish out, yet at the same time, modern in its approach because in these health conscious days, the Taco Ilocano does serve up a vegetarian alternative to those who just want to lose the pounds and not the flavor. 

Taco Ilocano offers the newest service of catering for special events such as birthdays, weddings, debuts, anniversaries, business functions, or any other event.  They use what they lovingly call mini empanadas and provide the indigenous condiments to complement the dish that you find in their kiosks, such as the infamous red sukang iloko among them.  The empanadas are still made of egg, longganisa, papaya and monggo sealed in that crispy orange crust.  And since they’re much smaller, they use quail egg instead of the chicken egg in regular sized empanadas.  But just like their normal larger counterpart in the kiosks, the ingredients put into them can be changed with whatever suits your taste, meaning you can get as always, a vegetarian empanada, all meat empanada, special empanada, or no egg empanada.   They can also make their new flavors Sweet Empanada, Sweet and Spicy Empanada, Mexican and Argentinian available for a minimum number of pieces upon client's request. 

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