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Mango Chutney

With mango season upon us, how can I not make sweet Mango Chutney. Mango Chutney works great with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Sweet and tangy condiment will improve your favorite curries and more.

1 Cup Raw Grated Mango
1 Cup Sugar
2 Table Spoon Salt
1 Table Spoon Red Chilly Powder
1 Table Spoon Garam Masala
1 Table Spoon Dry Ginger Powder
1 Table Spoon Mango Powder

Grate the Raw Mango. Mix the ingredients except Sugar.
If time permits, Keep the grated Mango with spices in the Sun for about 10 minutes. A little water will be secreted, this may be discarded.
In a wide nonstick pan, add the grated Mango and the Sugar. Start heating, and keep mixing continously.
The entire mixture initially becomes very thin, and then starts to thicken.
Check the consistency, and stop the cooking. You may transfer to another dish and cool.
After about half an hour, you will notice that the chutney has hardened a little.
Pour the chutney in a glass jar and store in the Fridge.

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