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Mature coconut, shredded
Young coconut, shredded
4 cups water
Malagkit flour
Banana leaves, wilted

Tupig is from Norte (Pangasinan, Cagayan region, Ilocandia). 

Longganisang Lucban

Longganisang Lucban was traditionally sold by streetside cart vendors and were served up in banana leaves. It was eaten not with the use of utensils but rather hinahabhab, hence the name. The latter on the other hand was a far cry from the usual sweet longganisa, being salty and going great with the local suka from coconut. 

Pansit Lucban

Pansit from Lucban is one of the best I had. Lucban is well known in tasty food especially the Pinoy's favorite. Lucban is a town in Quezon and they had mastered making the best best pansit.

Seafood Congee

Congee or lugaw is a well known food in the Philippines. From restaurants to sidewalk vendors offers the porridge. I had many times tried the Lugawan in Sta Mesa with my friends. You have to pay 8 php and its unlimited serving. Then you can add boiled egg, pork or sauce. Tubong lugaw indeed!

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