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Daing means something that is salted and left in the sun to dry, Daing na Bangus is not really sun dried. I guess the reason why they called it that way is because the fish is filleted, like the usual Daing. This is how I do this dish.

Milkfish or Bangus
Patis Fermented Fish Sauce
Soy Sauce
How to Prepare Daing:
Prepare the Milkfish or Bangus. Take out the fish gills. Fillet the fish starting from it’s back part going to the belly, cutting through the head. When your knife reaches the mid-bone, cut a little more until the rib bones. Spread the Milkfish and take out guts. Just be sure not to puncture the bile because doing so will make the fish bitter.

Close the Bangus and take out the middle bone by filleting the other side, again starting from it’s back part. Just take out the bone and the tail. The head should remain in the filleted fish. Discard the bones and guts. Wash the filleted fish under running water and set aside. Do the other fish in the same manner.

Marinade the Fish. Rub a little salt in the Bangus. In a clean plastic container, mix vinegar and patis or soy sauce. Taste the mixture if it passes your preference. Add a little of each if needed. Once you get the right taste, put in garlic and crushed peppercorns.

Spread the Milkfish and put into the marinade, the scaly part facing down. Using a spoon, scoop out some of the marinade and pour into the other parts of the Bangus. Scoop some garlic and peppercorns and place it in the exposed side of the fish. Stack the second and third fish on top of each other, doing the same procedure as the first one. Cover the container and place in the refrigerator. Marinade the Milkfish for about 3 hours and fry.


Lechong Baboy in Tagalog or native roasted pig. A translation is necessary here to give a regional distinction to a common delicacy that is a traditional fare in every Filipino occasion. 


Tinapa is one of Pinoy favorites for breakfast also called smoked fish. 

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