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Cocktail Drinks

Cocktail Drinks

Baby Back Ribs

This Baby Back Ribs with its special sauce is one of the best meal in town. Truly the yummiest, try it now the Baby Back Ribs.

Sweet Dessert

This sweet dessert consist of the following:
Chocolate Stick on top of the bread
Bread or pastry with sugar coated
Ice cream between sliced bread



The Bar Vodka

Angelica Pangiban and Jake Cuenca drink the intoxicating The Bar Vodka. Apple, Lemon and Orange are The Bar Vodka's flavor! Good for parties, get together, good time or just drink it up.

Sizzling Pusit

Sizzling Pusit

Pinoy Coldest Beer - Beer Below Zero

Beer Below Zero or BBZ is a Filipino technology. We just want the Philippines to be known worldwide as the country serving the coldest beers!

If Mexico has Corona and it is known to be served with a wedge of lime or lemon, the Philippines should be known as the country serving the coldest beers!

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