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Dulcinea Churros con Chocolate

Dulcinea Churros con Chocolate

Me and my friends only need a place to talk to and a light snack would do. We headed to Dulcinea for their Churros con Chocolate. I love chocolate and seriously looking forward to try this.

The churros are perfect even without chocolate. But since I like chocolate, its even better. They can add more churros though, since they gave lots of chocolate.

Overall, thumbs up for Churros con Chocolate.

Dong Bei Dumpling in Binondo

Best Dumpling in China Town

Dong Bei Dumpling is one the place that showed up when you search somewhere to go in Binondo. Been here twice, first was with group of friends. We didn't had to wait long, watched how our food was made and enjoyed the delicious dumplings.

The second time was with my brother, there was a long line waiting outside. But after several minutes, I got to try their dumplings again. It looks ordinary dumplings but you know its fresh and not flour fillings. The fillings are like no other never tried it on other dumplings and it taste good.

Overall, I highly advise Dong Bei Dumpling to all people who are going food tripping in Chinatown.

Fruit Salad

A quick and easy salad recipe that incorporates fresh, unique flavors for summer. Fruit salad with cherry, papaya, apple, banana, water melon, and banana.

Pansit Palabok

One of the famous Filipino food during birthday or get together is Pansit Palabok. Noodles with egg, chicharon and other spices are brought together with this dish.

Egg Leche Flan

Egg Leche Flan

Bignay Wine in Baguio

Bignay Wine in Baguio

Best buys from Bauko, Mountain Province is the sweet bignay wine. The wine is smooth and sweet, should be available at Cordillera Treasures.


Another Pinoy Food is the Lumpia. Vegetables and meat marinated together and wrapped with lumpia or molo wrapper. Then deep fried for more tasteful effect.

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