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Graham Cake

Graham Cake

Try this delectably airy, no-bake treat.

Graham crackers
2-3 pcs ripe mangoes
3 packs all purpose cream (chilled)
2 cans condensed milk

In a large bowl, whip chilled all purpose cream, add condensed milk
Mix until mixture is homogenous
Chill the mixture for 10 minutes
Mix the mango puree into the mixture
Start the layering: bottom layer must be the mixture
Alternate the mixture and the graham crackers
Grate cheese in one layer of mixture
Top the graham cake with cream.
Chill the cake on the fridge for 4 hours, after chilling, store in the freezer.

New Bombay in Makati

New Bombay in Makati

New Bombay Sheep Meat
New Bombay Soup
New Bombay Sauce

After work, me and two friends were looking for a place to eat. Roaming near our office, we found New Bombay. We ordered several foods that we don't have any idea what to expect. We tried the sheep meat, soup and partnered it with rice.

We expected spicy foods but I guess I can't handle super spicy and ordered more rice. Most are new to my tastebud and same with my friend. While our guy friend liked it all.

Overall, must try for people who like spicy food or looking for new food for your tastebud and we didn't had to pay a lot.

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